The ecommerce platform comparison – Shopify vs BigCommerce for your business in Japan

Making sure that you are using the right ecommerce platform for your business is one of the most important decisions that you will have to make as a business owner in Japan. Looking through all of the options that are available can be exhausting and overwhelming, so focusing on the top choices is always a good strategy. Two of the best platforms out there are BigCommerce and Shopify and today we are going to be making an ecommerce platform comparison between the two, so make sure you keep on reading to find out more about them.

When looking at these platforms, the first thing that we can see is that they are both the same when it comes to the way that they are hosted. They are both fully hosted by the providers and that means that you don’t have to worry about anything that has to do with the updates or maintenance and son. A platform like this is a great option for a beginner that doesn’t have a lot of experience or technical knowledge, and that means that whichever of the two you go for, you will be in good hands.

When it comes to the design, we can definitely say that BigCommerce is probably one of the only platforms out there that comes pretty close to Shopify when it comes to the templates that are offered. This puts this ecommerce platforms comparison in a tie once more, which is good news for you and your business in Japan because it means that you will be getting professional, mobile friendly templates no matter which one you go for. The only difference here would be the price of the premium templates, and the templates offered by BigCommerce are a bit more expensive than the ones you will get with Shopify.

The features are incredibly important, so of course we have to talk about them in this article. This is an area where we can definitely see a difference, but you don’t have to worry because both platforms still offer you a lot of functions. The difference is that BigCommerce is actually a platform that will give you the most features right out of the box than any other platform out there, including Shopify. Shopify is pretty famous for the App store, and even though that is a great tool that can help you make your ecommerce better, the truth is that with BigCommerce there is no need for something like that.

Two very similar options and both of them are really excellent choices. We hope that you liked seeing this ecommerce platforms comparison between BigCommerce and Shopify, that you see how great they both are and that we were able to help you choose the right one for your business in Japan.

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