The Best Ecommerce Websites Builder Options to Sell Online In Japan

Interested in the Japanese e commerce market? Here are the best ecommerce websites builder options to consider when selling online in Japan!


The Japanese ecommerce market is one of the biggest and most mature markets in the world. This market compromises over 10% of the worldwide online retail transactions.

Wondering how can you capture a piece of the pie? Interested in the Japanese ecommerce market?

The best way to establish an online presence is by using an ecommerce websites builder. We are going to present you the best ecommerce platform options to use for selling online in Japan.

There are 4 types of platforms you can use to sell your products:

  1. Ecommerce marketplaces: Some well-known examples of online shopping malls or ecommerce marketplaces are Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. In Japan, the 3 largest marketplaces are Rakuten Ichiba Japan, Amazon Japan, and Yahoo! Japan Shopping. The largest platform is Rakuten, with around 30% of the total ecommerce market share. Together, the platforms account for over 50% of the ecommerce sales which clearly shows the power and popularity of such ecommerce website builders in Japan.
  2. Apparel- specific marketplaces: There are unique platforms in Japan that are designed to sell apparel and jewelry. These platforms include features which are dedicated to such items, for example, size charts, photo angles, and more. The 3 most popular apparel-specific marketplaces in Japan are Zozotown, iQon, and Origami.
  3. Hosted ecommerce websites builder options: Fully hosted platforms give you more control over branding and help you focus more on running your business and not worrying about technical details and issues. Some of the best ecommerce websites builder options are Shopify and Volusion. These platforms are worldwide popular, including Japan. Other platforms to consider using in Japan are BASE and
  4. Installable solutions: The fourth type of platform you can use to sell your products online in Japan are the installable software solutions. These solutions allow maximum control over operations and branding, but they require a longer time to develop. A few examples of this type of solutions include Magento, osCommerce, EC-CUBE (this is one of the most popular platforms in Japan), Live Commerce, and Commerce 21.

Selling online in Japan is easy, as long as you use the right ecommerce platform. The Japanese market offers a lot of business opportunities for those looking to start an online business in this country.