The Center for Defensive Driving


We are passionate about motorcycle safety.
In 1981, I (Chris Knox) was riding my Kawasaki Kz-650 motorcycle on Rosecrans Av., in San Diego. A motorist, who did not see me, turned left in front of me. My motorcycle hit his right front quarter-panel and was totaled. I flew through the air and landed on my head. I had on my full face helmet and protective gear. I was uninjured and very lucky.

If you drive a car, watch out for motorcyclists. They can be hard to see. In a collision between a motorcyclist and a car, the car driver is usually at-fault.

If you ride a motorcycle, please wear a DOT-compliant helmet and full protective gear.

There are four components to a DOT-compliant motorcycle helmet:
  • DOT sticker
  • An inch of hard foam padding
  • Metal D-rings
  • A manufacturer’s label (DOT certified, date and size)

We give presentations on motorcycle safety to three groups:
  • The driving public (to watch out for motorcyclists).
  • Motorcycle clubs (to promote safe riding, M-1 license and DOT-compliant helmets).
  • Police officer briefings (to encourage fair enforcement of CA motorcycle laws).